Nylon String (Classical) Guitars

Valencia 100 Series fractional size guitars - These guitars are classical style, nylong stringed guitars which are easier on the fingers when learning, and are available in smaller sizes for smaller hands. As a guide, 1/4 size is good for kids aged 3-5 (approx 90-110cm tall); 1/2 for kids aged 6-8 (approx. 110-130cm tall); 3/4 for kids aged 8-10 (approx. 130-140cm tall). After that you can look towards either a 7/8 size, or move straight to a full size guitar.

Valencia 100 Series 1/4 - $109
Valencia 100 Series 1/2 - $115
Valencia 100 Series 3/4 - $115
Valencia 100 Series 4/4 - $125

Mini and 3/4  Acoustic Guitars

Ashton Mini20 Tobacco Sunburst small body guitar - ($129) This is guitar is great for kids, or a travelling guitar when space is an issue. A spruce top with basswood sides, the classic Tobacco Sunburst makes this guitar look the part - all you have to do is learn how to sound the part.
If you're not a fan of the Tobacco Sunburst, it's also available in a natural finish.

  Greg Bennett GD 50 mini  - ($249) This is a great mini Dreadnought style guitar, suitable for travel, or those with smaller hands. The natural finish on the spruce top and mahogany sides, back and neck provide a well balanced and articulate sound. 

  Gretsch Jim Dandy Tobacco Sunburst - ($349) If you like something a bit different, this Gretsch Jim Dandy is right what you're looking for. Styled after the Gretsch "Rex" Parlour guitars of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, this is a great guitar of outstanding quality. 

  Maton EM6 Mini ($1199) - Maton is an outstanding Australian brand, and they love using Australian woods in their guitars. The Mini Maton is no exception - a travel guitar, but a tonal giant, utilising a Spruce top, with queensland maple for the back, sides and neck. 

Acoustic Guitars

  Fender FA-115 Dreadnought pack - ($199) - A great beginners guitar from the classic brand. This pack comes with a gig bag, picks, a strap, a spare pack of strings, and 90 daysaccess to the Fender Play app. The guitar has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, with a natural finish.

  Yamaha Gigmaker 310 pack  - ($209) - The perfect starters pack. This pack includes a gig bag, digital tuner, strap, string winder, spare pack of strings, capo, and picks. A good quality guitar pack that includes everything you need to get started and keep you playing. Great value.

  Fender CD60S pack - ($349) - A players guitar, with a solid spruce top, walnut fingerboard with rolled edges to make it sit nice in the hand, and mahogany back and sides for a nice warm, balanced tone. Comes with a gig bag, pics, strap, spare pack of strings, and 90 days access to Fender play.

  Tanglewood Union Series Dreadnought ($399) -Mahogany galore in this quality instrument. The African Mahogany top looks incredible, and is matched with Mahogany back, sides and neck. The cutaway shape will allow easier access to the higher frets, so you can practice those soaring solos, or some ukulele-esque finger picking.It has a pick up installed, so you can plug it into a PA or Amp and take it gigging.

  Greg Bennett GA100SCE($499) - A deep cutaway is a unique feature on this guitar engineered for the serious player. The Spruce top on Mahogany back and sides create a balanced and articulate sound, wonderful for those looking to explore finger picking. It has a Fishman Isys T pickup installed, so you're right to start gigging with it straight away.

  Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic/Electric ($599) - Some may think of Epiphone as Gibson's cheaper stablemate, much like Squier is to Fender, however Epiphone have a great history of their own, and continue to make great guitars with fantastic innovations. This guitar has a Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, a slim taper neck (which means it's narrower at the headstock end, where you're playing your chords and fingers can't stretch as far, but wider at the body, where you appreciate the extra space for your solos). This guitar has a NanoFlex™ pickup, that not only picks up the vibrations of the strings, but the top and body vibrations to give a natural sounding acoustic tone.

  Maton S60 Dreadnought ($1149) - A great, easy to play instrument from a premier Australian company. Maton guitars are played by artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Josh Homme, Keith Urban, John Butler, Paul Kelly, John Williamson, Michael Franti, and The Wiggles. Comes with an arch topped hard case. There is also a Cutout version ($1499)

  Maton EBW808 Blackwood ($1999) - Look at this beautiful instrument. Victorian Blackwood is used for the whole body, with Queensland Maple for the neck, and Streaky Ebony for the fingerboard and neck. Blackwood produces clear, bright trebles, strong mids, and full bass for a unique acoustic voice. This instrument comes with an AP5-Pro pickup installed, and an arch topped hard case.

  Maton 808C 70th Anniversary Edition($2999) - If you've got money to spare, and want the absolute best, you can't go wrong with this. Building on 70 years of guitar building wisdom, Maton's most senior luthiers put their heads together to create this instrument of the absolute highest quality. A limited edition that is no longer in production, if you're serious about guitars you don't want to let this one slip.