As with the case for many things, with violins, you get what you pay for. There are cheap violins out there, that could be better described as a violin shaped object. Many of these are mass produced, and don't produce a quality sound, no matter who is playing them. The easier it is for you to produce a quality tone, the more joy you will get out of playing, and the more likely you are to continue practicing and playing the violin. As such, while I will teach on any instrument you have, I recommend spending a bit more on a quality instrument if you are able.

Violins that are handmade can vary in quality as well, and that makes it difficult to recommend any particular brand or maker, as they can vary wildly even between the brand. For beginner instruments, I recommend the Gliga III, which I have found to be of a high quality across the range of fractional instruments. Alex Grant, from Grant Violins, wrote a great summary of the common beginner violins, with price ranges, that will hopefully make the choice easier.

The links provided below are to the Mall Music store, which provide a bit of a kick back to the studio for the referral. However, you will find a bit of a greater range at Alex W Grant Violins, and the Sydney String Centre.

Enrico Student Extra 1/8 size violin - $349
Raggetti RV-2 1/4 size Violin - $329
Enrico Student Extra 1/4 size violin - $349
Enrico Student Extra 1/2 size violin - $349
Ragetti RV-2 1/2 size violin - $329
Enrico Student Extra 3/4 size violin - $349
Enrico Student Extra 4/4 size violin - $349
Gliga III 4/4 size violin - $599